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We believe that a lack of transportation should not be a barrier to anyone desiring to participate in church services. Here at Mt. Calvary, we gladly provide free transportation services to and from various church events to those who need it.

Please know that our transportation services are a privilege, not a right. In exchange for that privilege, we ask that our passengers conduct themselves in a manner which ensures the safety and consideration of all passengers while respecting God and the church.


Pick Up and Drop Off Rules:


  • As much as possible, our driver will call the passenger as they are arriving. As the driver arrives, he/she will wait no longer than 5 minutes before leaving.

  • While a passenger's drop off location may be different from the pick up location, our driver will only drop off passengers at one site (i.e. no additional stops outside of the final destination). It is the responsibility of the passenger and/or parent/guardian to arrange for additional transportation beyond the drop off site. 

Passenger Rules:

  • Passengers must remain seated and out of the aisle at all times.

  • Passengers are to keep head, arms and hands in the vehicle at all times

  • No bullying, profanity, loud noises/conversations or verbal/physical abuse

  • No littering on or vandalism to any part of the vehicle

  • Passengers must listen to and respect the driver of the vehicle.

  • Passengers are to treat all others with respect.

  • No tobacco, drugs, vaping products, or alcohol are allowed.

  • No weapons or explosive articles, including but not limited to chains, knives, razor blades, flammable materials, guns or other threatening items are allowed

  • No animals of any sort are allowed.


​​Personal Property: Passengers are responsible for their own personal property.  Personal property found in the vehicle will be held in "lost and found" in the church office. Picking up lost items at the church will be solely at the responsibility of the passenger/parent/guardian. The driver is not responsible for delivering the lost items back to the owner.

Passengers are expected to observe and follow all of the stated rules and expectations. Any violation of the rules may result in a forfeiture of any future transportation service privileges. Depending on the severity of the offense, parents/guardians or law enforcement may also be notified.

Mt. Calvary reserves the right to deny transportation services for any reason.

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